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New 2018-2019 Executive Board

September 29, 2018


Meet your new SHPE Atlanta Professional Chapter Executive Board!



New President!


María Daniela Vetencourt is an Industrial Engineer from FSU, originally from Venezuela and works at Georgia Pacific. She was the 2017-2018 Communications VP.





New VP, Communications!


Yanelis Torres is an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, originally from Puerto Rico and works at Luxottica. She was the 2017-2018 Programs and Events VP.





New VP, Programs and Events!


Juan Eduardo "Lalo" Rubio is a Chemical Engineer from LSU, originally from Mexico and works at Bechtel. He is new to the SHPE Atlanta Executive Board!









New VP, Corporate!


Pedro Medrano is a Materials Engineer from Standford and a MBA from UCLA, originally from USA and works at Sebacia. He is new to the SHPE Atlanta Executive Board!







New VP, Memberships!


Kattelie E. Thys is a Systems and Industrial Engineer from Georgia Tech, originally from Ecuador and works at Georgia Pacific. She is new to the SHPE Atlanta Executive Board!







Re-elected VP, Finance!


Steven O'Neill is an Aerospace Engineer from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, originally from Puerto Rico and works at Pratt & Whitney. He was the 2017-2018 Finance VP.





Re-elected VP, Marketing and Branding!


Martha Bucaram is a Masters of Law in International Legal Studies from NYU, originally from Ecuador and works at Manhattan Associates. She was the 2017-2018 Marketing and Branding VP.




Former Memberships VP, Annachiara d'Ettorre, will support new VP, Memberships, Kattelie Thys, as the SHPE Jr. Director!


Former IT VP, Luis Ulloa, will support new VP, Programs and Events, Lalo Rubio, as the Social Events Coordinator!


Betty Barcos, will support VP, Marketing and Branding, Martha Bucaram, as the new Social Media Manager!


During my "reign" as President for the past seven years, we achieved so much. We hosted two Regional Leadership Development Conferences (RLDC) with the SHPE Georgia Tech Student Chapter, planned and executed the Professional Track for the Eastern Technical and Career Conference (ETCC) in UCF Orlando, achieved financial stability, partnered with several Employee Resource Groups (ERG), non-profit organizations and other professional associations in the greater Atlanta area, supported many presentations, resume workshops, mock interviews and Lockheed Martin Marietta plant tours with KSU, Georgia Tech and local middle/high schools, deployed this beautiful website, grew our presence and influence on social media, and managed the successful Link with the Leader mentoring program which inspired many Sandy Springs middle and high school students to pursue STEM careers, as well as many other accomplishments.


What I am most proud of is of each one of the amazing Hispanic professionals I found along the way; the best of them now part of the SHPE Atlanta Executive Board. I leave the chapter in great hands.


Our Region 7 VP, Edwin Moure, has selected me as the Regional Professional Representative (RPR), to support all the SHPE Professional Chapters in North Carolina, South Caroline, Georgia and Florida. I will continue to support the SHPE Atlanta Executive Board as their Executive Advisor, and enjoy seeing the chapter and its members continue to grow from the sidelines.


Please join me to welcome this excellent group of leaders that with your help will take SHPE Atlanta to new heights!


Best Regards,


Javier Irizarry

2011-2018 SHPE Atlanta President





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